Estate of Mind — The Art of Selling Luxury Real Estate

How to Find Opportunities in a Changing Luxury Real Estate Market

Episode Summary

In this episode of Estate of Mind, Tami Simms is joined by Jack Miller, a top producing real estate professional who has specialized in luxury homes and relocation services for almost 25 years. When he’s not working as a top producing agent at Parks Real Estate in the Greater Nashville market, Jack will be joining Tami as co-host of the podcast. In this first episode of 2023, the pair discuss best practices and strategies for finding opportunities in the ever-changing luxury real estate market. To jump to a specific topic, navigate to one of the following timestamps: - [03:55] Knowing How to Compare Year-Over-Year Metrics to Gauge the Market - [07:23] The Current State of the Luxury Home Residential Market - [11:00] How to Keep a Positive Mindset (and Sharing That Positivity with Others) - [14:35] Best Practices for Staying in Touch with Your Sphere of Influence - [19:36] How to Effectively Communicate with Your Sphere of Influence - [25:05] Jack Miller’s Luxury Real Estate Prediction for 2023 - [27:30] Encouraging Sellers to Jump into Today’s Luxury Real Estate Market - [30:25] Closing Thoughts with Tami and Jack

Episode Notes

The State of the Luxury Real Estate Market Heading into 2023:

Understanding the current state of the luxury market is absolutely key for being able to effectively work within that market. Taking things a step further, being able to convey what those changes mean and how they impact luxury buyers and sellers is truly what will set you apart as a real estate professional. Communication, therefore, is a critical component that should always be given attention.

Generally speaking, by focusing on opportunities currently presenting themselves, rather than fixating on the market changes themselves, you set yourself up for success. Being able to pivot is an invaluable skill set, and knowing when to pivot will help you establish yourself as the go-to luxury real estate professional in your respective market.

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